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Adhesive Vinyl Dresser Makeover. Silhouette Vinyl 25% off! Code: vinyl

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A few months back we bought a few of these small unfinished wood dressers for my daughters room to help organize her clothes a bit better. I knew when I bought them that I wanted to decorate them, but I couldn’t narrow down my choices, so I left them blank for awhile. Well then came all the new Adhesive Vinyl colors and finishes and it was like a light bulb went off over my head, I knew what I wanted to do!

I picked out various borders and background files from the Silhouette Design Store and opened them up in Silhouette Studio. I had measured the drawers and where the knobs were, so I made a mockup of the three drawers using rectangles and circles. I knew there was a slight lip around the edges of the drawers, so I accounted for that. In case you have these exact same dressers, the drawers measure 23″x7.25″. Then I resize all of the borders I was interested in to 22.75″ wide keeping the aspect ration button clicked. I played around with layout for a bit until I was happy with the results, as seen above.

I used a mix of matte and glossy finished vinyl to add that next level of personality to this project. The colors I used were Pink, Purple and Teal in the matte finish, and then Grey and Lavender in the glossy finish. Most of the pieces fit on a 12″x24″ piece of vinyl (I just cut it off the roll) except for the grey polka dots which took up the entire roll of 12″x6ft. Speaking of the polka dots, that was the only file I altered a bit to fit my needs. I just ungrouped all the dots and removed the ones I didn’t need until I had a rectangle worth of them. Then I grouped them back together and resized them to 22.75″ wide.

All of the vinyl was just fed through my CAMEO like normal, no mat needed. I used the hook toolto weed out all of the pieces I didn’t need and the Transfer Paper and Scraper to help adhere it to the drawers. It was very easy and quick for something that has a huge impact on the room!

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